Jasmine is a very-very famous flower. It has a strong but sweet, pleasing and romantic fragrance, often associated with romance and love.

Natural Dog Perfume - PUPPY LOVE
Natural Dog Perfume - PUPPY LOVE
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Product Description

This flower has much more to offer than just sweet smell and romantic feelings. So let us keep our poetic feelings aside for a while and take a look at what it has in store for us.

Anti Depressant: The aroma of this oil has a pleasing, uplifting effect on mind and fights depression. This makes you feel happy and awakens romantic and poetic feelings in you.

Sedative: It calms down body, mind and soul and brings forth your positive and constructive emotions. It gives relief from anxiety, stress, annoyance, anger and depression as well as from inflammations.

Anti Septic:Septic and disinfectant. Its constituents like Benzaldehyde, Benzoic Acid and Benzyl Benzoate have very effective germicidal, bactericidal, fungicidal and anti viral properties. When externally applied on wounds, it prevents it from being septic and effectively checks infection from tetanus.

Other Benefits: It is good for skin and keeps it smooth and free from cracks. It also cures muscle pain.

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